RevJimbo222:  Hello Santa?
SantaClaus:  Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! I'm here on AOL! :-) Everything we talk about here is between you and me! If you want to know more, you can type "privacy".
So, have you been naughty or nice?

RevJimbo222:  nice!
SantaClaus:  Wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that! O:-) Why don't you tell me a little about yourself and we'll get started? How old are you?

RevJimbo222:  21
SantaClaus:  ;-) O.K. so... to tell me what you want for Christmas, just type, "Ask Santa" and click the "Send" button. :-)

RevJimbo222:  Ask Santa for a Antec side panel with window
SantaClaus:  Ho Ho Ho! O.K. I'm an old guy, so please give me one wish at a time. What would you like for Christmas?

RevJimbo222:  an antec side panel with window
SantaClaus:  Is there anything else?

RevJimbo222:  yes
SantaClaus:  ;-) What would your last Christmas wish be?

RevJimbo222:  a round transfer cable
SantaClaus:  Oh, yes, everyone wants gadgets and gizmos this year. O:-) What else would you like from Santa?

RevJimbo222:  That is it
SantaClaus:  ;-) What would your final Christmas wish be?

RevJimbo222:  To cure cancer
SantaClaus:  Ho Ho Ho! :-) O.K. that's plenty, why don't you type, "song poll" and vote for your favorite holiday song.

RevJimbo222:  no thanks
SantaClaus:  My pleasure. Ho Ho Ho!

RevJimbo222:  ho ho ho yourself
SantaClaus:  And a very merry Christmas to you! ;-)
Don't forget to check our your to-do list by typing "to do"!

RevJimbo222:  blow me!
SantaClaus:  Ah -- you've got me again. Why don't you type "To Do", it's time to get you in the holiday spirit!

RevJimbo222:  you suck santa
SantaClaus:  Whoa Ho! Ho! Now, there's no reason for that language, I am doing the best I can.

RevJimbo222:  are you?
SantaClaus:  I think, therefore I am Santa. Santa Claus.

RevJimbo222:  That is the stupidist line ever!
SantaClaus:  Ho Ho! Now you and Mrs. Claus could probably get along very well.

RevJimbo222:  yeah...we already do!
SantaClaus:  Indeed

RevJimbo222:  when I get busy with her on Christmas eve
SantaClaus:  Christmas Eve is December 24th, the night before Christmas, and when I embark on my annual ride. I'm very busy getting prepared now! :-)

RevJimbo222:  I know...that is why I get busy with Ms. Claus (or Veronica as she says) that night - let me tell you she has a nice set of headlights!
SantaClaus:  Goodness, that's too much for me to read. I'm talking to so may children and their parents. Could you ask me something a little shorter?

RevJimbo222:  No!
SantaClaus:  O.K. Scrooge. Then type 'home' to try a fresh start.

RevJimbo222:  you suck!
SantaClaus:  My goodness. I'm afraid I cannot respond to that kind of talk.
A lump of coal for you.

RevJimbo222:  And a gallon of acid for you!
SantaClaus:  Alright now. I'm here to spread Christmas cheer -- so use this time wisely and type carefully. ;-) Here's quick way to get in the Christmas spirit; type, "To Do".

RevJimbo222:  No thanks I have had enough of you!
SantaClaus:  Oh, don't be like that -- just ask another way. The elves and I cannot just guess what you are saying. ;-)

RevJimbo222:  Then shut your pie hole!
SantaClaus:  Have you made any Christmas cookies yet? I'm known to be partial to them. :-D If you need a little help getting started, type "recipes".

RevJimbo222:  Dammit, stop with the links!
SantaClaus:  Here's a list of fun places to put you in the holiday mood:

Classic Holiday Radio@AOL
AOL Music: Holiday Music Videos
AOL Broadband: Holiday Movies
AOL House & Home: Holiday Pets
AOL House & Home: Entertaining